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Hello! I am a self-taught technology professional with a strong background in system administration and software programming, carrying effective hands-on experience in modern dev-ops, cloud-ops, and IaC work domains.

It's my passion to keep learning and building things that are useful, sustainable, minimal, and easy to use. I put a lot of care to keep my work output clean, maintainable and well-documented.

As an active supporter of the open-source culture, I'm always looking for opportunities to contribute and to assist the community.


  • --sys-admin

    I bring in-depth experience of linux server administration, covering installation, configuration, optimization, hardening, and maintenance of various linux distros such as ArchLinux, AmazonLinux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle etc.

    With my hands-on knowledge of DNS and Email server administration, I can configure and publish secure and performant DNS/Email servers with load balancing. In fact, I manage my own DNS, email, and web hosting service, and more.

    My expertise on Windows systems is above-average, with working knowledge of Mac OSX.

  • --dev-ops

    I am involved in both classic and modern DevOps practices, having current knowledge of dev-ops orchestration and management tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform. My professional experience includes managing production k8s clusters on AWS cloud. I have also worked on converting legacy workloads to serverless paradigm and maintaining them.

    I can set up a working dev-ops environment from scratch, with a working CI/CD pipeline — doing this with both modern container-based tools such as k8s, Helm, Argo, Gitlab/Github CI, or alternatively with legacy tools such as Ansible and Jenkins.

    My expertise on observability comprises of managing monitoring and alerting stacks built with prometheus, Grafana, PagerDuty, as well as in-depth observability toolkits such as Graylog, NewRelic, DataDog, Splunk etc.

  • --back-end

    My lack of frontend design charm is balanced by my keen interest and experience in backend engineering. I have created multiple backend services with Flask and co., catering to various production-grade use cases, as well as api gateways to establish communication between disparate systems. My preferred language of coding is Python; I'm also learning Golang as a low-level option.

  • --automation

    When faced with work challenges, I always try to find a solution that is both efficient and easy to maintain. Automation is a natural fit in this field. I always look out for any repetitive tasks to convert into a simple script or button press. Some of my shortcut scripts have actually grown into actively maintained full-fledged programs covering some repetitive needs.

    My tools of the trade for automation and glue-coding includes, but is not limited to, Python, shell-scripts, Lua, Ansible, as well as specialized workflow tools like Zapier, n8n, inotify etc.

  • --contrib

    outside of professional life, I am an enthusiastic and active supporter of open-source ideals. I have worked on numerous open-source projects such as a localized keyboard layout, a popular regional keyboard input system, a time tracking tool, a regex utility, a password manager, as well as plugins for sublime text, vim, and numerous miscellaneous applications.

    My contributions exist in documentation for freecodecamp, ArchLinux wiki, Wikipedia, and improvements to i18n translations for many open-source projects.

    For a long time, I helped maintain multiple local online Linux-centric community to welcome freshers and new contributors into the digital world, and to educate on the values of open-source and digital safety.

  • --misc

    As a strong proponent of selfhosting and owning my data, I wrote an Ansible playbook to deploy and manange a complete self-hosted environment that includes web hosting, email, DNS, VPN, code hosting, RSS, caldav and more.

    My other interests are the decentralized web and the indie community. I closely follow the fediverse and indieweb movements.

    I am a huge mid-level nerd, which might be apparent from the design of this page. My field of work is complementary to my passion. I love to tinker with technology, and I'm always looking for interesting stuff to learn, and for new ways to improve my skills.


  • DevOps Consultant - freelance 2022-....
    • adapting classic workloads to serverless architecture
    • implementing modern logging and tracing solutions
    • converting adhoc services to IaC/CaC projects
    • providing support for cloud devops processes
  • DevOps Engineer - Pillar 2022-....
    • designing cost-effective k8s and AWS infrastructure
    • implementing monitoring and alerting mechanism
    • managing cloud-native ci/cd pipelines
  • DevOps Engineer - Digital Healthcare Solutions 2021-....
    • supervising kubernetes and classic server workloads
    • in charge of AWS infrastructure administration
    • maintaining total monitoring stack
    • managing ci/cd pipeline
  • TechOps Engineer - Telenor Health / Digital Healthcare Solutions 2020-2021
    • provided cross-team tech support and service automation
    • performed application support for engineering and cs
    • handled application performance monitoring
    • prepared service documentation
  • IT Engineer (part-time) - Taurus 2018-2020
    • maintained local network infrastructure and email service
    • created digital service catalog and inventory systems
    • implemented document management and backup systems
  • Programmer - freelance 2015-2018
    • delivered system automation and scripting projects
    • performed front-end web development and debugging
    • created web APIs for data parsing and analysis



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